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Expert Tips on How to Take a Professional Passport Photo

Taking a photo may not be a big deal until when you have to apply for a passport. Being the single most important travel document that you will ever need, always make sure the photo meets the required standards. The photo matters a lot when applying for a passport, and it is probably the first the passport control will look at, highlighting just how important it. This is why one is advised to ensure they are taking a good photo when applying for a passport to help smoothen the process. Below are a few expert tips you can employ to get a good a professional passport photo.

To take a professional passport photo, the first thing to adhere to is the required size. They are different from the other types of photos you are used; they are supposed to be small in size, about two by two inches with clean and crisp quality. It should majorly focus on your face, with the head being balanced and centered on the photo. In addition to size, one should pay attention to the lighting and background requirements to get a professional passport photo. A quality photo should be colored and brightly lit with no shadows to ensure all the features are visible.

A proper pose should also be considered for one to get a professional passport photo. Since this type of photo focuses on the head and a bit of the neck and shoulders, you are advised to face the camera directly to have a quality photo. Unlike the other types of photos, professional passport photos requires neutral expressions, but you can smile. Among the important things to remember with passport photos is that you cannot make digital alterations because they are supposed to be read by machines. The photo is supposed to show who you are without any alterations or the use of any photo enhancement features.

To get a professional and quality passport photo, think about your attire or what you will be wearing. For a long time, people have been required to wear formal or professional attire when taking these photos, but that has fast changed. You can wear almost any kind of attire, plus the photo only focuses on the facial area and a bit of the shoulders. However, you cannot wear anything that will interfere with the quality by obscuring your face like a hat or sunglasses. Among the formal and informal attires you can wear for a passport photo, uniforms of any kind are not among them.

Another tip for taking a professional passport photo is paying attention to your appearance. Things like beards and makeup can impact the quality of the picture you are taking in several ways. In case you grow the beards after taking the photo, you may have to take another one if they are obscuring your face whereas the use of makeup is not encouraged because the photo should be representing how you look. You can take a professional passport photo if you put the tips discussed above to use.

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